Why Use Crayson

We’re responsible for selling a vast number of properties.

Uniquely, we don’t tie you up with a fixed-term contract.

You won’t get unrealistically high valuations. But you will get creative solutions, authoritative market appraisals of your property’s value, progress reports – and marketing that knocks
eyes out.

We know your expectations and the best way to achieve the best price.

Five Good Reasons For Using Crayson

1. Experience & Consistency

Parting company with a property can be emotional and stressful. Not a time to have different faces on the case. At Crayson, the person you meet at the valuation will be the same person managing the sale of your property. They’ll be a highly experienced director. Someone you can talk to. Most importantly, someone who communicates effectively with all buyers. No matter who they are.

2. Detail, detail, detail – & Knowledge

It’s our policy to have up-to-the-minute breakdowns on political or economic aspects that might affect your purchase or sale at hand. We analyse shifts in the market regularly, with meetings to check we haven’t missed anything. We conduct dedicated local independent monthly research reports. Every quarter we produce an authoritative Market Intelligence review to help you make the right decision – when it comes to it.

3. We’ll see to it you’re seen

A sheet of A4 in the window doesn’t sell Grade A properties. To guarantee you’re spotted, we’ve forged an unequalled relationship with the real shop window: the best web portals. And national, international and local lifestyle and property press. We commission the best designers. Our writer wins awards. Our photographer has worked with all the top magazines. He’s a man with a camera. And an eye for what sells.

4. An unprecedented level of service

Every property is different. Likewise, every sale. Which is why you can trust in our unique, highly personal, bespoke approach. Expect authoritative and informed market appraisals, carefully targeted marketing, progress reports when required – and most importantly, the same, highly experienced person to deal with from start to finish. A service tailor-made to every client. However unique. One that sets a new standard.

5. On your terms. Not ours.

Whatever else we do, we are here to provide the very best service and achieve the very best results. Not everyone goes as far. With no fixed-term on the contract, if by some freak reason the shoe doesn’t fit, you’re free to give us the boot.