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The Magical World of London Property

The phrase “America sneezes and Europe catches a cold” could herald an omen.  Certainly given the utterly mad current state of things…  However as Newton’s third law teaches us; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For the purpose of trying to remain relevant in my often wandering diatribe, the world works in a mysterious and magical way, there is a balance and it is the Law of Nature that things even out and this applies to property as well!

When the s**t starts hitting the fan, the clever people don’t just duck out of the way. There is too high a ‘moan’ level in London brick at the moment as it continues to be at the mercy of events and circumstances that seem to be out of our control.  In my view estate agency is disintegrating as some of the big names in London go the route of the boiler-room – it doesn’t bode well for service if it just ends up being a numbers game.  If we don’t watch out it won’t be long until the person you that you talk to on the phone, who takes you to the viewings dances you through the entire process and sells you your new pile of bricks – is a robot.

High service (again – in my opinion) is the only way to go.  Being equipped to navigate choppy waters and to think beyond today’s headlines and plot a way to that sandy beach are absolutely necessary skills for the ultra -serious job of buying and selling peoples most valuable assets.

Whinging is not helping – so where are these opportunities?  Well there aren’t many at the moment, especially if you’re expecting that monster call from a head-hunter.  You have to look hard.  The opportunities are there.  It’s like magic!

So – let’s plot the future!  There are serious reasons for people to buy now and not wait for what they perceive is a future low water mark.  Every past cycle teaches the same lessons.  There is no nuclear option – if there was it would make no difference anyway – we would all be dead.  When it’s all gone down the plug hole – you buy!  Prices are down and sellers that are out there who want to sell are (or at least should be) aware of market conditions.  Interest rates are even down beyond the record lows of last year.  All the Europeans here working in finance are not going to be booted out of London.  Tens of thousands of jobs are not going to leave London.  London property is as attractive as it ever was for overseas buyers, what with re-weighted prices and exchange rates advantageous for a large basket of foreign currencies.

Representing clients properties are a privilege.  We are all responsible for our own PR from both company and individual perspectives.  The silver linings are clearly visible and the slide is over.  That’s put it all in the locker and throw away that key.  Just like that!  It’s Magic!!