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Christmas Orange

WHAT A STRANGE year. I’m  not going to mention all the now heavily clichéd events that have rocked our world, but rather focus on the positives.

Having eaten an unhealthy amount of oranges during this Christmas period, I thought it might be appropriate to discuss all the varieties of our miniature orange friends: tangerines, satsumas, mandarins and clementines. Personally, I get quite confused about what differentiates all the varieties when I’m buying, but I think I have now figures out a way to categorise them.

For instance, a clementine (otherwise known as an Algerian tangerine) is juicy, sweet and with a mid to rich flavour. They are medium-small to medium in size and are usually seedless. The rind is deep orange to orange-red, smooth and glossy and peels easily.

The one thing that clementine oranges should have in common is that their peel or skin easily pulls away from their flesh and their segments are easily separated and, theoretically, they’re seedless – though having just chomped my way through a box of organic clementines from Daylesford I was disappointed to find an average of three seeds per unit.

Then there’s the Dancy tangerine. These are rich and have a more spicy flavour. They are dark orange-red, with a smooth and thin rind. They peel easily and the flesh is deep orange. Smaller than mandarins and seedy.

When considering all these different types of small oranges, I started to notice some similarity between them and the vagaries of our beloved property market. There is pith and there is skin, some are easily separated from the flesh, and then of course, there is the level of seediness.

The property, the client, the buyer, the fee, the offer – each part is directly related to aspects of these delicious – sweet or tart, pithy or otherwise, easily separated or not – objects which are consumed in their thousands at this time of year. No stocking is complete without a pip-less clementine at the toe end – always a bit of disappointment – but refreshing nonetheless.

The potential juxtapositions abound. Can a seller be easily separated from his or her home? What is likely to get in the way – pithily said – is the flesh sweet or bitter? Verdict on the final shape of 2016? It’s all gone orange. Enjoy!