Trend Spotter

The Future’s Bright

I am an eternal optimist and am therefore becoming tired of all the negative news in the papers. Despite the ups and downs reported, there is only one direction that we are going in and that is forward. It is mankind’s instinct to iron out the vicissitudes and make this a better world – and I have ever confidence that we will prevail.

Our rate of innovation is faster today that it ever has been. The internet has created a whole new paradigm. Events can no longer be hidden and information can quickly go viral, as seen from recent events in Russia and all over North Africa and the Middle East. This affects us all – the world suddenly becomes smaller and with news constantly being fed to us PDAs, iPADs and computers, we are in a constant state of alert.

In turn, the internet has dramatically changed the face of the property market. Apparently more than 97% of buyers in London use the internet as the primary source in their property search and no longer feel the need to walk into an estate agency parked on the high street, which is taking up valuable retail space. (It has of course also allowed a great deal more transparency in terms of information available to both buyers and sellers alike and this can only be for the good).

In a bid to move away from the high street as well as to improve our service to local residents, I decided to set up shop in Notting Hill’s Lambton Place. It was the perfect time to build a new business and change the habit of 200 years by moving estate agency off the high street.

If you fully embrace the new world as it is, you do not need offices on Singapore, Mumbai and Shanghai – you simply need to invest in a web-based infrastructure to deliver your goods and services to a live and dynamic client base globally. Other than that, the other most important thing is having a team of high-calibre individuals who know all the facts and figures, and can speak to anyone as their peers.

At Crayson we are fully armed with this powerful super-tool and we have a team of people who I believe and the best equipped in the area to sell high value properties to the world. Please do come and pop in o our lovely offices and see what we are doing to change our world.