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Brexit or Breakfast?

Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin” (Matthew 6:28).  This excerpt from the Sermon on the Mount where Jesus told his followers not to worry –  that they would be provided for in abundance.

In the 20th Century, 2,000 years after the birth of Jesus why are we still working out if we are in or we are out – it is one planet – one world – one people.  Needless to say the abundant resources are being both squandered and allocated so badly that they are creating a global crisis with grave social consequences on a global scale.

The world is inexorably linked – its peoples and its nation states – we are all bound together.  One country in Asia can effect another on the other side of the world.  We all feel the pain of refugees and of the bombing of civilian populations.  We all know that in different circumstances – the victims could be me or you.

The Brexit debate is a very large red-herring and it avoids a far bigger question of our citizenship.  We need to stop thinking so locally and look at the bigger picture of world citizenship.  Crimes against humanity: whether it be extremism in the guise of individual or state sponsored acts of terrorism or company sponsored ecological terrorism – are all highly damaging to us all in our quest for harmony and the prolongation of human life on this planet.

Politics asks us to narrow down our perspectives, but then we lose the sight of bigger picture.  For example the ‘European’ refugee crisis of Syrian refugees has been caused by the actions of many countries, some of whom are outside the Eurozone.  It is everyone’s responsibility to find solutions.

Independence is being confused with membership of trading blocks, which in themselves are isolationist. The Brexit debate is a huge muddle of politics, economics and social issues.  No wonder there are so many ‘undecideds’ at the moment.  I doubt that most people who have even made their minds up, even really know what they are voting for.

Listening to all the current debates – whether it be the US General Election or Brexit, what is very evident is that there is a worrying increase in militarization in the world and  it is clear that fear is the new state sponsored terrorism. Who is creating this agenda?  We the people need to demand more and set a far more positive agenda – a truly global agenda which deals with the real issues and sets this planet on the right course with humans in their rightful place as its guardians.