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Space Time

Have you ever picked up the phone to call somebody and found that they are already there, having rung you at the exact same moment? Do you ever think about somebody and wonder if they are thinking about you at the same time? Do you ever get the feeling that there is someone or something else in the room after having seen a shape, a shadow, or something indiscernible?
Pure coincidence or are there strange things afoot? I am absolutely convinced that it is the former, but that human brains are not quite evolved enough yet to process such unexplained phenomena. Maybe a shift in consciousness will allow greater use of our brain capacities and one day extra-dimensional activity will become completely apparent. Scientific reports in September 2015 predicted a rise in the Earth’s frequency by between 2-4 Hz. And apparently a 3,400 year ‘Mayan’ cyclical planetary realignment is currently at its apex and this is apparently resulting in reduced gravity and increased brain activity – so one day such strange happenings may finally be explained.
This occurred to me again the other day when I saw my dog walk across the living room. However, it was not my dog as he was asleep on the sofa. This same scenario has been repeating itself for a few years and what I was actually seeing was some sort of moving shadow. But, what has this to do with property?
Most people I have spoken to have seen ghosts, but some have even heard sounds. In Notting Hill we all live in houses that are often 100 to 200 years old. Buildings and their spaces hold memories and in the buildings themselves often have a record of people who had lived there and previous goings on. In some ancient sites, walls have actually recorded sounds possibly down to materials (like quartz) in the stone that record rather like a recording tape.
Some people have hypothesised that the phenomenon is, in fact, a real recording of a past event, somehow imprinted onto the local surroundings. I really like the idea of recording a ghost. Imagine if we could build a machine to replay such ghosts at will? We would have a window into history. We could point the machine all over the place, not just at haunted locations, and maybe watch real historical events being replayed. It would certainly beat television period dramas.
We only really ‘borrow’ the houses we live in and we are all playing our parts in their rich histories – a live yet multidimensional reality show.
Again, not only have I failed to predict exactly where property prices are going and I haven’t even attempted to. There are simply too many ghosts in the predictability machine.