Trend Spotter

A Fresh Start

Many of us use the Christmas and New Year break to re-evaluate things, take stock and make plans for the year ahead. It is a great time to see how we feel about the previous year and what changes we can make to advance further towards our goals.

I am not going to use this column to eulogise on the good and the great more to expand on what I think is an important trend. It has been developing more and more in recent times, which touches me and which I feel could be influencing you: a heartfelt desire to improve our work/life balance and a growing feeling that work needs to represent our core values.

If work represented our core values entirely then there would be no need to foster some work/life balance as work would be ‘life’. Humans are becoming more conscious about how we spend time on this planet and with that time being finite this surely an important objective.

The need to feel authentic is to me the most important driver. If I can inject my core values into what I do in life, then surely the outcome will be completely authentic. This is really what we are doing at Crayson. Having studied the business of trading London’s brick ad mortar for some time, I felt that this was a business that could benefit from creativity and authenticity – two of my core values. Furthermore, if all the company’s team are doing the same then the results are truly exceptional. We have spent the past four years honing things and 2015 will be our time do demonstrate our strengths to the full.

We really do deliver something different and you can see this easily from the testimonials on our website, which are verbatim quotes from named clients and buyers with a dated reference fro the property they have sold or bought.

I hope that you or one of your family or friends find the opportunity this year to come and chat to us and maybe even let us show you what we can do?

I think that you will really enjoy the experience.