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Happy Thoughts

This morning was the first day that Jack Frost has appeared this year.  I walked through Kensington Gardens with my dachshund this morning on the way to work and everything was covered with a beautiful thin white sheen.  On the streets, mothers getting ready for the school run were scraping windscreens, whilst their progeny shivered in back seats.  I am ready to embrace the chilly and crispy tidings of winter.

It’s the beginning of November and here in Notting Hill, shops are already receiving deliveries of fir and holly. The more daring ones are already playing Christmas songs as assistants pin tinsel to points-of-sale.  By the time you read this magazine it will be mid-November or beyond and you will be getting into the Christmas swing.   In my view Christmas cannot come early enough this year – it has been more challenging in the property sector than we would have guessed – but I really do predict that there will be a silver lining.

Rumour has it that it is going to be arctic this winter – so some weathermen are saying..  El Nino (the South American weather system which recurs every number of years) affects sea temperatures and in no time – apparently- we will have penguins and polar bears on these shores.

What has this got to do with property?  Not much really – other than that a lovely London house has to be the best place to snuggle up in with all the family, around a well-lit hearth and with a large glass of egg-nog to warm the cockles. In this state we should reflect on how lucky we are.  We live in the finest City in the World which has become a thriving cultural capital – we can all be very proud of that.

I really appreciate the privilege of working in the area that I was brought up in and love – and thanks to everyone who has had faith in us.  A very Merry Christmas to you and all.