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Home and Away

Is anyone there? I love being in London in August. Locally I can get an instant table at Granger & Co. and in some of the stuffier places in London they even seem happy to tell you that they do have a table available for that evening and I don’t even have to pretend to be Michael Caine, Sean Connery or Her Majesty. The journey into work is a dream and when the sun is shining (may it please continue) people are happy and pleasant and this area looks beautiful.

Being in the agency business I often wonder wonder about holiday strategy. Not wanting to lose out to other agents due to absence it’s tempting to be available even when away – however, the risk of too much rosé or raki can make a lack of WiFi rather more tempting. Luckily, I have a very capable co-director to keep the consistency. I did consider doing what most of the southern European countries do – just shut up shop for August entirely; but then just look at the Italian and Spanish economies.

I think that I have come up with the perfect solution; stay around for the first two weeks in August to make sure that absolutely nothing is going on and then simply disappear on the pretence that you are off to do something useful. August us the perfect month for this and even the name implies some grand plan consecrated by augurs, with favourable auguries. A time to think about who we are, what we are doing and why. I certainly will be using the time to think how we can further improve Crayson. I am uncomfortable with being static and am always looking at innovating and changing if that is what is best.

On that note I bid you farewell, adieu or in my case “di lupasanakong shin meh”.