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Happy new year – Crayson’s fourth! What started as an experiment in 2010, an unconventional agency, with absolutely no high-street presence, has turned out to be something of a triumph.

Many said we were completely bonkers and that it would never work. We did not, and still don’t, get involved in the sale of properties listed with multiple agencies – only opting for sole and joint-sole agency instructions – agency purists saw this as commercial suicide.  It was admittedly extremely risky as it severely limited the number of properties we could have on our books.  However it did ensure that we could dedicate all our resources to our direct instructions and the gamble has worked.

The last three years have seen an incredible metamorphosis – and we feel very fortunate that locals have embraced our philosophy.  We have grown from having one house for sale in 2010 to selling in 2012 and 2103 24.1% of all houses in W11 valued between £2m and £5m (source: Zoopla 15/01/2014).

Needless to say – we are pretty chuffed with that!

The fact that we don’t have high street offices is not enough of a USP in my view to warrant the opening of a new Estate Agency – but we did it as the market has changed and well over 90% of buyers are now using the internet as the first port of call when searching for property.

In short, buyers of luxury property do not wander up the high street to gaze into estate agents windows any more.  Certainly, international buyers don’t either; neither do they walk into the offices of an overseas office or affiliate.  They or their representatives search the web or come to the UK.  Every one of Crayson’s clients’ properties that are on the market is listed on the entire major UK property portals as well as 40 foreign luxury property portals covering the major foreign markets that provide buyers into the Prime Central London market.  In 2013 38% of our buyers came from overseas.

We are extremely excited going into 2014. We are always aiming at improving and upping the ante.  Please do pop in to our lovely offices in Lambton Place for a cup of tea and let’s discuss what we can do for you.

Nick Crayson