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Home to roost


This is not just a picture of a giant blue cockerel in Trafalgar square – for me this fertile beast and its placement in the heart of our Capital epitomises the fact that London is an extremely good place to roost.

We have some eggcellent new nests and perches for sale, so if you’re hatching a plan to move up the pecking order, our website is a good starting place. Have a good scratch around and you’ll find some roosts that are really worth crossing the road for.

While London property is never chicken-feed, it’s still possible to find an apartment that you’d be cock-a-hoop to be cooped up in for under £1m in this part of leafy London. And that’s without a hint of fowl play.

The sky’s the limit at the other end of the market with some seriously cocky properties at around £5m, and a few feathery nests where most would be happy to lay their heads at upwards of £10m.

Come and have a chat, between us we can crack it.

Nick Crayson