Trend Spotter

The Baguette Index

In a very recent survey the distribution of baguettes was found to vastly outstrip the supply of the traditional English sliced loaf – in certain parts of London.

London is home now to over 400,000 French nationals and it is now the fifth largest French city in the world and this is the reason behind the baguette invasion.  Reason to complain – je ne crois pas!  We all love to crack a crunchy French loaf, slaver it in butter or dripping overripe brie – so much so that even the traditional great British sandwich is now under threat.  Out with the old – in with the nouveau!  Holland Park Avenue now boasts 5 shops selling Patisserie and Baguette.  There are 7 on Notting Hill Gate alone and at least 6 just on Kensington Church Street and they are spreading like a crusty wildfire all over London.  The French are slim, but I have a feeling we are going to suffer without an adequate regime to cope with the millefeuille and tarte aux pommes.

As a result we at Crayson are starting the ‘Baguette Index’ where we will be tracking the rise of the baguette in London.  For comparison I will be running statistics on sliced bread as well as pitta bread, Bagels and focaccia – this should represent a fairly good spread and give a reasonable sample size from which to spot the trend.  I am also considering a similar index of other baked goods:  Donuts, Patisserie, Muffins and English Muffins.  Suggestions are all welcome at – please do get involved.

Nick Crayson