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The truth about international buyers

It’s a common misconception that overseas buyers are purchasing in London remotely, using overseas offshoots of UK property companies to source and buy properties. Whilst this may be the case with new schemes launched overseas, in our experience the vast majority of prospective buyers are coming to us directly, either in person or through a representative, often a London-based buying agent.

Falls in the value of sterling mean that London is an attractive prospect for international investors; but as well as those looking for an investment outside their home country, many are choosing London as a place to relocate to. It’s easy to think of London property as a commodity, one that is traded on the basis of location and square footage, with faceless overseas investors buying and selling for profit. But the reality is very different. Selling property at all price levels is a specialist business; and we believe that property owners should be offered  a tailor-made service. We offer informed market appraisals, carefully targeted marketing, and a service that’s customised to each client.

In addition, we advertise all our clients properties on luxury property portals in 30 overseas countries, capturing all the major locations where our international buyers are coming from.

A global market is as deserving of a bespoke service as a local one.

Nick Crayson