Trend Spotter

The light fantastic; letting the sunshine work its magic

We know people make up their minds about a property within a few seconds of walking in, and much of this perception is subconscious. The feel of a property is all to do with proportions, space, light and aspect. People don’t think, ‘I love this room because it’s got a triple aspect with big windows facing south, east and west, a lovely view over trees, and filtered light falling into the room from roof lights’. They think, ‘What a lovely light room’.

If you have a good view, or windows that let in light, then allow them to work their own magic. Keep window dressing to a minimum, don’t let curtains or blinds block out any available light, and keep the glass scrupulously clean. Declutter window ledges – let every available inch of glass do what it’s meant to do; let the outside in.

Nick Crayson