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Not on the high street

Where’s your spirit of adventure? Venturing off the beaten track can reap benefits, argues our resident blogger Cheryl Markosky.

Although many people like supporting our dependable High Streets (and quite right too – go Mary Portas!), there’s a case for sometimes daring to swerve off the predictable path.

There are advantages to being one step away from the rest of the crowd, explains Crayson’s sales director Bella Tellwright.

She points out that in these uncertain times, most Notting Hillbillies don’t want the world and his wife to know his business. So, striding into a highly visible agent’s office to talk about your business going down, your wife leaving you or how online gambling has left you in a bit of a pickle isn’t on.

Privacy and discretion is all, whether you’re upgrading to that garden square terrace you’ve always dreamt of, or you’re offloading it to pay the taxman. This is why buyers and sellers are looking at new options. Increasingly, those in the know are drifting off the Westbourne Grove highway to lane-like Lambton Place (where Crayson’s office is situated) for a more private chat.

Even better, Tellwright adds that they’re often armed with a gym bag, “so it looks like they’re going to BodyWorksWest a few doors away. But really they’re coming to us in the mews where they’re not being observed.”

Also, all that money spent on flash offices on major thoroughfares might be better spent on high-end photography, brochures and other methods to sell your house for the best price. Or, inconspicuously locate that bonus bonanza mansion, and avoiding property porn envy from those less-bricks and mortared up than you.

So, be intrepid. Walk on the wild side away from the High Street hordes to boldy go where no man has gone before. Or, not masses of them, anyhow.

Cheryl Markosky