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Doing things differently

The perceptive amongst you will have noted that our newest property on the market, Zachary House, is a little outside our normal operational zone! True enough, most of the properties we take on are within a three or four mile radius of Crayson HQ in Lambton Place, but as with everything it is the exception that proves the rule. And in the case of Zachary House, the exception is very exciting.

This spectacular Grade II Listed property has over 8,500 square feet of wonderful floor space that combines Georgian elegance with dramatic light-filled lateral space, and sits beautifully on the banks of the Thames at Chiswick. On top of its considerable physical attributes, it has a fascinating musical history, its major claim to fame being that Midge Ure, who owned the property, and Bob Geldof, co-wrote Do they know it’s Christmas, and put down the backing track used as the base for the lyrics, under its very roof.

You can see all the gorgeous property pictures, and read all about the house here.

Given that this is a far from conventional property, a little outside our usual stamping ground, we have customised a marketing plan to suit. A far-reaching advertising and PR strategy has meant that the house has already been seen by an exceptionally wide market. Graham Norwood, a freelance journalist who writes extensively about property, came to see the property last week and his full page article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph on 23rd September, resulting in some hot Crayson telephones! You can see the article here.

Buying agents are a crucial part of the top-end London property market, so we arranged a Chiswick away-day on board a wonderful old Routemaster bus, along with music and a little light refreshment, to make it nice and easy for a group of our contacts to see this very special property.

Almost without exception, everyone who’s seen Zachary House has fallen in love with it. If you’d like to arrange a viewing, for yourself or on behalf of a client, give us a call. @propertyjourn said on Twitter ‘quite the best property I’ve seen for some time’. We hope you think so too.

Nick Crayson