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Feel the love

I seem to remember a few weeks ago that I would not, repeat NOT, bang on about the Olympics. Well, I’m sorry, but like so many others, I’m swelling with pride at the incredible job that we have done in hosting the Olympics, and yes I am talking about me, you, Boris and Seb – Well Done!

Even if we weren’t trouncing the opposition in the medals table on a per capita basis, I would still be as proud, if not prouder, than Chad le Clos’s father Bert after his son beat Michael Phelps to win Gold in the 200m butterfly. (By the way, if you haven’t seen this already, it’s essential viewing! Watch it here.)

Olympics or not, I’m a wholehearted supporter of London and I spend most of my life selling it – by the brick. I can’t imagine a better metropolis to live in and I can’t understand why anyone would not want to live here.

My office is fully manned during the Olympics and the holidays – all leave has been cancelled – we are dealing with a new type of tourist; the one with an Olympic ticket in one hand and property details in the other. What a perfect time to buy between events – when almost everyone else is away on holiday.

And this leaves us with our best export – The Pound Sterling. Thank goodness we did not give up our fiscal sovereignty. There is huge concern within the Euro Block, amongst the most affluent countries, about what is amounting to a stark devaluation of their currency. There has been an influx of German buyers looking to invest in London property, particularly in the past few weeks. This is a trend that I predict will grow as our buying demographic morphs even more.

With the most stable of governments bonds accruing interest rates of under the 1.5% mark, there is no better place to invest money than in the leafy streets of Kensington & Chelsea. We do not need to show off our medals or our trophy cabinet. It is all around and our property is our Gold Standard.

Nick Crayson