Hereford Road<br> Notting Hill <br>W11

Hereford Road
Notting Hill

Designed by an award-winning architect and built by one of London's leading construction firms, this is a truly unique contemporary house – a testament to the very best of British architecture today.

Abingdon Road <br>Kensington <br>W8

Abingdon Road

Welcome to Wrecksville - this is the home of hope and the land of opportunity (well, Kensington). Are you a man or are you a mouse?

Hewer Street <br>North Kensington <br>W10

Hewer Street
North Kensington

A converted dairy, lofty and currently divided into two properties. For all you alternative lifestylers this will make a perfect home – fresh milk on tap!

Blenheim Crescent<br>Notting Hill<br>W11

Blenheim Crescent
Notting Hill

Working on the premise that if the mother is happy, the family is happy, this house is probably part of Relate’s guide to saving your marriage.

 Queensdale Road <br>Holland Park<br>W11

Queensdale Road
Holland Park

A perfect home for the newly nesting couple or a bijou residence for the determinedly single…

Kildare Terrace<br>Notting Hill<br>W2

Kildare Terrace
Notting Hill

A house in a street that could only be in London – any second now Mary Poppins might descend, or a bevy of milkmaids start dancing…

Oxford Gardens <br>North Kensington <br>W10

Oxford Gardens
North Kensington

Capture the Zeitgeist… A project for the fashionably green-fingered – a large duplex in a trendy area with an enormous garden now seeking new owners.

Addison Avenue<br> London <br>W11

Addison Avenue

Sometimes, a property comes along that makes you feel that however bad life gets, you would be always be fine if you could just live in this wonderful house.